Sarah in the wilds of Scotland
"Well, the dogs smelt those brownies as soon as the postman set foot through our gate! Bubbles and brownies – I am spoilt for sure!
By the way, my husband now officially loves you, as choccie brownies are his favourite"

Cheryl by the seaside in Bournemouth

"A lovely tasty box of brownies arrived today – thank you so much! It really made my day and put a smile on my face."

"Short and Sweet Bakery are unlike any other brownies you can think of - Salted Caramel is exceptional, microwaved with ice cream is a must try 

Nicky delivered her products in a fantastically thoughtful way which really added to the value of the gift. It was only a little thing but they really matter.  
Thank you Nicky"
James Moore 

 "I’m more of a savoury person normally but I tried the brownies from Short and Sweet Bakery and they were sensational. I look forward to trying some more very soon!" - Dinah Grimes

"Hands down THE best brownies I have ever had. I'm not normally one for sweet treats, but my husband and I literally fight over these." - Katie Leighton-Salisbury

"If you are looking for that wow factor and groan in the mouth deliciousness then the brownies from Short And Sweet Bakery UK are definitely the ones you should try." - Ben Gardner

"I was lucky to sample the Salted Caramel Brownies from Short And Sweet Bakery UK. Absolutely delicious, gooey mouthfuls of wonderfulness!" - Louise DeNew

"The best brownies ever! I'm not keen on chocolate cake but this is my exception. Exceptionally delicious!!" - Nicolina MacKenzie

"Nicky’s brownies are simply the most irresistible, mouth watering, delicacy ever baked! Having been spoilt by these, no other brownie will ever come up to the mark! A must purchase for all brownie lovers, you will never look back!" - Claire Galer

"BEST BROWNIES EVER!" - Anita Gwinnett

"I have tasted Nicky's brownies after having some posted to me. They came the next day after being ordered and are the best brownies I have ever tasted 🙂 " - Mia Jeyes (Age 10)

"My kids and I bought some of Nicky’s delicious melt in your mouth brownies. My god, amazing! The best we’ve tasted and if my son says so, they really must be, he loves his brownies. We’ll be ordering from Nicky for any special event." - Sonya Kolodziejska

"Nicky’s brownies are honestly the best I have ever had. Moist and gooey, a very indulgent treat made with love. It’s been a while but I can still remember enjoying the rugby with the ultimate half time snack!"-  Tammy Bevan

" No words can do Nicky Green brownies justice they have to be tasted to be believed. I consider myself a chocolate brownie conisour, traveling the country I have tasted thousands! Nothing has ever come close to Nickys they are simply the best and I think I may need to set up a direct debit to the short and sweet bakery uk for my fix of the best in the UK" - Tim Salisbury

"To anyone looking for a special treat, or if you just love brownies, look no further! Nicky Green's brownies and in fact anything she bakes are absolutely fabulous. Made with all the love, care and joy that Nicky displays in her personality. Short and sweet describes her perfectly." - Noel Mather

 "I don't normally like brownies, but wow these ones always make me come back for more. They are delicious!" -  Yee Lei Sheng 

"Nicky’s brownies are amazing, the only ones I actually like.....definitely worthy of a 'handshake'." - Melanie Selman

"Best brownies ever" - Maria Tomsone

"Nickys brownies are absolutely gorgeous. Variety of lovely flavours all mouth watering especially the chocolate mint chip ones" - Neil Hartley

"Eat up to three of these tasty brownies @shortandsweetbakeryukbrownies everyday for a year and learn what it truly means to be semi-skinned fat and happy!" - Charlie Williams